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    Composition – Oil of cedar wood, or 0.8%, in vegetable oils.

    Emulsifiable liquid.

    The premise

    • Moles, in contrast to mice, do not transmit diseases, and also

    perform some of the functions agronomic use useful, by counteracting

    with effi ciency infestations, a large number of insects, soil-borne diseases,

    in addition to contributing to the ventilation of the soil. So, better to make a

    survive, removing them from the areas that you want to protect.

    • The presence of moles is never indicated by the location

    piles: only the galleries devices are traversed multiple times,

    while the galleries of power, or of hunting (i.e. those that

    ending with the annoying piles) are traversed only once

    and quickly abandoned. For this, the problem that arises

    with all the products or articles to localized application (traps

    spring, electric traps, detalpatori fireworks, poisoned baits,

    cartridges smoke) is to understand where they should be placed.

    Better then a product that is uniformly distributed over the entire

    the surface species.

    Features – an absolute Novelty for the Italian market, Stalpa

    it is a repellent for moles formulated with natural extracts of source

    vegetable. Instead, therefore, of the usual products talpicidi, is more

    secure application even on the areas intended for the game and entertainment,

    the most frequented by children and pets. Liquid and easy to

    use, Stalpa, with the only action is on the nose, discourages the entrance of the

    moles in the areas that you want to protect (preventive applications

    or conservative), or move away when the infestation is already in place

    (applications as disinfectant). The formulation is also active for

    banish voles and voles.

    Methods of application and dosages

    1. Except for the recent rain, thoroughly soak the area.

    2. With a normal pump-to-shoulder, or simply with

    the water atoio, distribute evenly at a dose of 50-70 ml.

    in 6-7 litres of water per 50 sqm., using the higher dose in the cases

    of strong infestation or in the sandy soils.

    3. In order to bring the product in the area of stationing of moles,

    after application you must water are again (10-15 minutes

    irrigation, rainfall). And’ possible to come back in the treated area immediately

    after the drying of the vegetation.

    Warnings and number of applications

    • Disinfectant treatments – it Is very important that the application

    is uniform over the entire surface and not only where they the most obvious

    the signs of the presence unwanted. In case they are used

    sprinklers drip, it is recommended to ensure a greater

    product concentration along the fi. If necessary, repeat

    the treatment on a monthly basis up to the total disinfection of the area.

    Proving that the moles have warned the repellent action

    and are in the process of moving away from the area, in the period

    immediately following the application could be noted

    an increase in their activity. If after the application make cases

    a period of heavy rain, it would be appropriate to repeat

    the treatment after a short time (the product, especially in the soil

    sandy, may in fact have been washed out).

    • Preventive treatments or conservative – once “disinfestata”

    the surface, we recommend 3/4 applications per year preventive to be made at the beginning of spring, mid-summer and early fall.

    In the big surfaces the application can also be limited to a band to the perimeter 1-2 meters of width.

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